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Quality management

The package of the basic documented procedures for quality management system has been developed, implemented and is being constantly enlarged.

  • The management quality policy has been stated and documented.
  • Quality assurance program for rendered services has been elaborated.
  • The procedures regulating standard processes of work implementation and control over its fulfillment during supervision and expertise have been developed.
  • The work on the basic activities are being carried out as per unique techniques-procedures developed by FSUE VO “Safety” applying advanced achievements and international experience.
  • FSUE VO “Safety” quality management system was certified in December 2004 by the National Authority for certification of quality systems for compliance with ISO 9001–2001 (ISO 9001–2000).
  • The Quality Management System was certified by the German Certification Authority TUV in June 2005.
  • The Automated System of Quality Management and Monitoring of Basic Processes of FSUE VO “Safety” activity is being implemented in cooperation with the Russian business partner ORACLE.

FSUE VO “Safety” participates in the arrangement and development of the federal and departmental regulatory requirements primarily related to the field of the enterprise’s activity.

The status of qualified organization involved in the analysis of the Russian experience in implementation of codes and standards corresponding with the international standards with the aim of their better adaptation to the conditions of the Russian market was assigned to FSUE VO “Safety”.

FSUE VO “Safety” participates in the elaboration of training systems jointly with the “Center for refresher training in the field of nuclear and radiation safety”:

  • Participation in the project of training system arrangement and accompaniment.
  • Arrangement of re-training, professional development and certification of auditors-experts in the field of assessment and verification of quality assurance programs and nuclear and radiation safety assurance programs.


One of the aspects of FSUE VO “Safety” activity is certification of equipment, items and technologies in nuclear power engineering.
On October 29, 2004 FSUE VO “Safety” was accredited as a Certification Authority within the system of equipment, items and technologies.

FSUE VO “Safety” services are unique in their composite nature: a possibility for a mandatory certification which considerably reduces the Applicants’ expenditures is provided for concurrently with the implementation of supervision over quality of work, control and tests.