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Our geography

The representatives of our enterprise are available in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novovoronezh, Volgodonsk, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and other cities of Russia.

We are capable to settle the issue practically at any point of the Russian Federation within the shortest possible time.

We can fulfill your instructions abroad.

FSUE VO “Safety” carries out the work on supervision and inspections of quality of delivered expert-import products:

  • with Ukraine enterprises when delivering pumps, valves, electrical equipment, APCS elements and pipes;
  • with Russian enterprise when delivering:
  • mechanical equipment from Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany;
  • pumps and valves from Czechia and France, Geramny;
  • electrical equipment from France, Czechia, Austria, Germany, Holland;
  • cable products from Belgium and Holland;
  • APCS for radiation examination and monitoring from France and Germany.

FSUE VO “Safety” is permanently strengthening its positions on the traditional markets in the spectrum of services in supervision and inspections of quality of products supplied to the Nuclear Power Plants being constructed in China, Iran, India, Ukraine and Eastern Europe countries.

Rostechnadzor appointed FSUE VO “Safety” as a contractor for implementation of the contracts for a series of international projects:

With respect to Tacis program “Nuclear Safety”, FSUE VO “Safety” acts as a contractor for implementation of the contracts of the projects for licensing improvements of Kalinin NPP, Kolskaya NPP, Beloyarsk NPP. Within the framework of this program FSUE VO “Safety” is expected to be a contractor for implementation of the contracts of the projects for licensing radioactive waste handling, putting nuclear facility out of operation, Nuclear Materials Protection, Control and Accounting.

Rostechnadzor entrusted FSUE VO “Safety” with the implementation of the task “Improvement of quality control system of regulatory authority and scientific-and-engineering support organizations activities” of Tacis project RF/RA/06: “Organizational support of Rostechnadzor’s potentials in the field of nuclear and radiation safety regulation using principles and practical approaches of Western Europe countries regulators”.

Within the framework of cooperation with the USA Department of Energy (DoE) FSUE VO “Safety” acts as a contractor for performing a number of contracts for safety regulation in the context of implementation of the program for utilization of redundant weapons-grade plutonium, as well as in the field of supervision over Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Substances Protection, Control and Accounting.